An Evaluation Of The Impact Of Jean Cocteau S Poetry On His Other Work

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An evaluation of the impact of Jean Cocteau's poetry on his other work.

This essay will look at how the early poetry and Jean Cocteau is related to his later art works such as his novels and films. To start with there will be a discussion on around Cocteau’s belief on the myth of the poetry and supernatural power of the poets. The poetical views of Cocteau’s will be examined by discussing the following opinions of some critics. The discussion will not include some different aspect to discuss his theatrical geniuses and visual masterminds because I thought it would be more helpful to concentrate on one area of his work. Moreover, it will be briefly outlined his sexual affiliation and his moral belief in... View More »

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The message from surrealists who were studying their so-called “disorder” of the human spirit between the two world wars that was `no war is ever ended`(Fowlie,1954:88) In Fowlie`s studies on Cocteau, he describes his attitude to the wars as”men will call wearing a mask” (Fowlie, 1954:88). He also argues on the thesis that `Cocteau always maintained some faint allegiance to the two beliefs in order and disorder, to Catholicism and to surrealism` (Fowlie, 1954:88). Cocteau as an artist has used the movement of the surrealism to express himself, although he couldn’t denude his inhibitions in the real life that had come from his catholic family background.

The themes dominant in his poetry are everywhere in Cocteau’s work especially in his plays and later on in his films. And also the fact that he as an artist is unpredictable, thus his arts are ambiguous, mystic, realistic or illusionistic. Moreover, his art works are very often misunderstood by both his critics and his audiences alike these are not the effects of the ideas which animate and pervade his own oeuvre and what he was called as the avant-garde theatre. The one of the ideas of Cocteau’s to reform the theatre shows in the play, The Wedding on the Eiffel Tower where `the Preface didn’t have the purpose to introduce or explain the play to the audience rather than it was to convey, primarily in terms of The Wedding` (Levitt1993:363). Therefore his new method was a reform of the play directing in the theatre as well as in his films.

This principle also works in Cocteau’s best plays-Knights of the Round ...

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