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Canadians for Canadians

Good writers exist in all cultures, Canada included. With phenomenal Canadian writers such as Margaret Atwood, Robertson Davies, and Farley Mowat, there is no reason for students to not be aware of the works of their country’s own talented writers. Therefore, senior Ontario high school students should become more familiar to Canadian works found in their classrooms. Becoming more familiar with Canadian Literature will bring students the opportunity to obtain knowledge of the Canadian heritage, promote and establish current Canadian writers, as well as to encourage multiracial Canadian writers to produce great pieces.

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Discussion can also be limited in a Canadian classroom as Canadian authors are primarily white, English Canadian and not reflective of today’s modern multicultural society. In another book, Robertson Davies states, “Canada is not going to have a national literature in the mode of those European lands where a long history has bound the people together, and where a homogeneous racial inheritance has given them a language, customs, and even a national dress of their own” (“Canadian Nationalism in Arts and Science, Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada. Series 4, Vol. 8” 35), this addresses just how multiracial and multicultural Canada is, compared to the European countries. This is the importance of analyzing literature from fellow Canadian authors who have immigrated from different backgrounds. It is when the multicultural student can connect with other multiracial Canadian authors, that one will be inspired to create a piece of their own.

In conclusion, Canadian classrooms need to become more familiar with Canadian Literature in their classrooms. This will encourage study of Canadian heritage along with bringing to the forefront current authors that teenagers can relate to, as well as receiving works that multicultural Canadian writers can get inspired by. Students becoming more familiar with Canadian literature will have more appreciation and find greater meaning in the work, when they are able to relate to it.

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