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It is well documented that reading is one of the most important abilities children acquire as they progress through their early school years. It is the foundation for learning across all subjects, it can be used for recreation and for personal growth, and it equips young children with the ability to participate fully in their communities and the larger society (Campbell et al, 2001). The National Strategies (DfEE 2006) state, ‘As children develop their speaking and listening skills they are building a foundation for literacy, for making sense of visual and verbal signs and ultimately for reading and writing’. As teachers we are given the tools in order to scaffold and underpin children’s previous knowledge of the key aspects of reading,... View More »

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Poetry is a good way to give children the initiative to start reading more comprehensive material. Lockwood (2008:75) states,

The implementation of the National Literacy Strategy (NLS) should at least ensure that children now have some dedicated time for the reading and writing of poetry throughout the primary school years.

In reading more comprehensive forms of literature, children begin to develop their writing skills. I believe that poetry develops a diverse vocabulary and promotes figurative language. This is why I decided to aim my book at Year Six children, because at this stage in their development of English language, they are rich and as stated in The National Strategies (DfEE 2006), ‘forming of language and shaping ideas, is modelled and practiced’.

As part of our English tutorials, we watched a video produced by Aidan Gibbons entitled ‘The Piano’. The video traces an old man’s journey through life and depicts this through music and picture. I found this very inspirational as like music poetry can move and touch your emotional inner self. This is what I wanted to achieve in my poem. I wanted to take the reader on a journey through emotional feelings of what it feels to be so lonely that the emptiness inside consumes your soul and through a confused and somewhat lonely expedition, the reader reaches the tip of the mountain, that is happiness. I related this journey to that of the old man in ‘The Piano’, and focused on the emotional journey he was aiming to portray. Poetry can be moving and emotional and touch deep within the soul. ...

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