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This is all part of the technique of multiplicity of voices and the use of polar opposites. Cervantes creates many characters all of which are spoken through his mouth. Cervantes says explicitly that he gets this part of the book from one source and another part from another source. He brings to our attention things that are written “in the margin” of the book he uses to tell the story. I find this very funny and interesting because it makes the story seem more real than if he had given us all the information as his own retelling.
He uses these techniques to contrast Don Quixote and to give us different bits and pieces of the story. We must put them together like a puzzle to get our own sense of the “truth.” Don Quixote and Sancho Panza have opposing views of reality, that is a technique that Cervantes plants within Don Quixote. Fifty people can read Don Quixote and each have his own opinion on whether Don Quixote is crazy, bad, nice, etc. Don Quixote is the idealist who attempts to clear the world of evil. The picture of Peter Pan even enters my head while reading the novel. Cervantes turns this image of Don Quixote into a joke when Don Quixote believe he has just helped a boy who is being whipped by his master but once he leaves, the boy gets double the beating.
Sancho can be compared to a person today who goes through a midlife crisis. He has an epiphany and decides that going along with Don Quixote will bring the excitement that he never had before. Don Quixote and Sancho Panza compliment each other extremely well. Don Quixote provides the material and excitement, Sancho just watches and knows when he is about to witness Don Quixote making a fool out of himself. Together they are able to go on their adventure and while mostly Don Quixote is leading an View More »

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