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English Poetry

In literature, language is used in two ways :
- The ways in which words relate to the world of experience
- The ways in which words are addressed to the readers

Words used to create imaginary events, situations etc.

In drama, we do not address directly. We simply happen to overhear them.

In and essay, the essayist do not use imaginary events, situations. etc, but they use words to express emotions, feeling and ideas.

In story, the narrator deals with imaginary events and persons addressed to readers directly.

Poetry used as a genre of literature

In poetry, the poet sometimes is assumed to talk to himself. The persona is either talking to himself... View More »

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Poetry originated from singing quality. So, it's necessary to read the poems aloud, we need to mediate the poem aloud. It cannot be understood by reading silently like other genre of literature. It burrows descriptive, narrative and dramatic element from other genre of literature. But poetry burrows nothing from the genre of essay.
• Conceit : Extended metaphor -b'O{j6f gldNg] lrhnfO{ forcefully ldnfpg vf]Hg]_
• Pun : Son – Sun, Hole – Whole
• Symbol : any object that extends beyond its own shelf.

Poetry : Word game
Qualities of a poem :
1) Poetry as a game takes place between two participants just like in any form of sports. These two participants are the writer and reader.
2) Poetry is read to take pleasure
3) If game exercise the body, poetry exercise our mind. If games make a body strong, poetry makes our mind more strong and imaginative. Poetry incites our imaginative power of mind.
4) If games make our body more active poetry makes our mind more creative.
5) Games are developed to use the body energy. More effectively, Poetry enable us to understand the creative potential of language.
6) The rules of games keep on changing. And in the same way, the rules of poetry also keep on changing. We interpret the poems being centered ground a certain fixed set of rules and such rules keep on changing with the flow of time.

Poetry qualities
• Meditative
• Pleasure
• Musicality
The pleasure is derived from the expressive qualities of poetry

We can get the musicality quality of poetry form different blank verse ...

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