How One Thing Could Lead To Another

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Everybody in the world has the power to influence others, sometimes to the point of changing their behavior. Every one also can be influenced by others especially if they are naive. When people are influenced, that can alter the way they treat other people and the way that they get treated. In the story “Sucker” Pete is naïve and that alters how he treats his friend Sucker which causes some conflict.

Once teenagers get a boyfriend or girlfriend, they feel great and just want to spread the joy with others. Here after Maybelle is nice to Pete, Pete feels fantastic and is nice to Sucker. Pete tells us that “She was very nice and it seemed to me everything was going to change” (McCullers 241). Sucker asks Pete, “You have liked me all the time like I was your own brother, haven’t you?” (241). And Pete answers, “Sure” (241). It is made clear that Pete is totally influenced by Maybelle. She is nice to him, and he is nice to Sucker. This is important because predicting what will happen in the story next will be a lot easier knowing his naïve personality. Not only can he be influenced to like Sucker better, he is in such joy and happiness that he has to be happy with everyone.

When two people fall in love with one another then they both feel like they are on top of the world. Now Pete thinks that he and Maybell are starting to get serious so he is overcome with delight and is cheerful. And he eventually ends up wanting to spread the joyfulness with others. Pete says, “I felt so good I couldn’t settle down to study or put my mind on anything. I wanted to be friendly with everybody. There were times when I just had to talk to some person. And usually that would be Sucker. He felt as good as I did” (243). Now since Maybelle is nice to Pete. Pete is ecstatic and really wants to spread the joy and he did with Sucker. Also, Sucker gets influenced by Pete being nice and that makes him feel good. Being influenced by others can have a positive effect, but it may have a negative View More »

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