Mobile Phone Investigation: Technology And Language

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Boys use of text speak is characterized by brief conversation of a practical nature.
For our mobile phone investigation, we decided to look at the way boy’s text and whether their text speak is characterised in brief conversation this includes; the use of elision, ellipsis, the shortening of words etc. We decided to look at this as we wanted to see the difference between the way boys and girls speak. Before we started this investigation we expected to find, that boys speak with a lot less words, than girls but when they are talking about something they are interested in e.g. fifa 12, a lot more words would be used and passion would be put into the conversation. We also thought that the way a boy texts depended on two factors. These... View More »

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An example of this was ‘im good you.’ This text only contained three words in which all of the words contained one symballe. By using very a small number of words they are keeping the text short and limited, with no reasoning why they are good. We are also given the impression that this person excepts more of a detailed reply back. Many girls do not use limited words so therefore, when they are speaking more explanation is put into how they are feeling. From this text we could also show that the person is not too bovered about getting into a deeper conversation. However, due to the fact that he has replied and answered the question this could show that he is being polite and he might want a deeper conversation but just cannot be bovered to put the effort in himself.

Another example to back up that boys used limited words is from the text ‘whatcha doin?x’. This text is also uses a question to get a response. A question could be used for a couple of reasons; either the person is bored, so they want to try and start a conversation that will hopefully lead to something more interesting or the two people may not of heard from the one another for a while so they want to see how they are but by getting a quick response, which means less effort is needed from the guy. We know that not a lot of effort is put into this text due to both of the words being shortened and put into a much simpler form. Instead of saying what are you doing? the text is put into a much simpler form, with the joining of words. Even though the longest word is 7 letters, it only contains 2 symballes and ...

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