Movie Analysis - The Conundrum With Cloning

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Imagine if science discovered a way to extend the average life span of humans and to replace any broken organs and to have a pain free child birth. Such an extraordinary breakthrough must come at an extraordinary price that is much more than just money. It turns out that behind the scenes scientists are creating human clones that act, feel and live like normal human beings. The only way that this breakthrough is possible is to take whatever is needed from the clones and use it for the humans, but is this an ethical act? In the movie, The Island, a science fiction-action film directed by Michael Bay, it clearly portrays what it would be like to cure any human aliment by using human clones. This movie demonstrates how the clones live a... View More »

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Another thing that comes to mind is ethics, is this right or wrong. There are debates going on about whether using human clones is an ethical thing to do or not. The argument, like from Dr. Merrick’s point of view is that the clones can be used for organs or to be surrogates. This could increase the average human life span and cure any aliment, they are not truly humans so it does not matter whether they die or not. The counter argument, like from Lincoln Six Echo’s point of view is that clones still are conscious, act, feel, behave and think like normal human beings so they deserve a chance at life just like any other human does. It is not fair to create someone, clone or not, just use them for their own gain. Humans have a free-will, so why can’t clones have a free-will also.

Overall, it is still not clear whether or not creating human clones is an ethical act. So far, there are no human clones or tests today, but that may change in the future. As science advances and the rich and the powerful want to live longer, human cloning seems like less of a bad thing. Even if it means having the clones live a predestined life just to harvest their organs, the world may come to that one day if it is possible. As for me, I thought the movie was great. It shows how miserable the clones lives are and how they are treated unfairly. I am against human cloning, or any cloning for that matter because according to my ethics, it is still wrong. ...

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