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When conversing the myths of sacrifice, with regards to Prometheus’ theft of fire and Zeus’ creation of Pandora in Hesiod‘s Theogony and Works and Days, it is seen in many different perspectives as J. P Vernant suggests that Prometheus brought about the separation between the gods and man and the prominent void that separates them, much to the similarity between the distance between man and beast as this makes “the very status of man”#. Prometheus continues to make great sacrifices for man as these myths of sacrifice can be considered to be subliminally directed to the morals of humankind or perhaps it could be viewed as the relationship between sacrifice and fire as this is related to Prometheus in both his first and second... View More »

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Fire is part of the animal sacrifice which is the basis of Prometheus’ first trick as Zeus chooses the bones and fat sequentially giving the choice cuts of meat to mankind. For this reason, in Greek sacrifice they ate the meat and burned the bones to interrelate with the gods. Fire is also seen as essential for the civilisation of man and by Prometheus stealing then gifting fire back to man (his second trick), he then teaches mortals all the arts of man/civilisation. Zeus, infuriated by yet another of Prometheus’ tricks creates a woman named Pandora.
Hesiod tells the myth of Pandora in two versions, the first in the Theogony, and the second in Works and Days. In both cases, Pandora is the outcome of a game of wits and encounters resulting in a series of tricks and deceptions between Prometheus and Zeus beginning with an iniquitous exchange of meat portions. Prometheus then bestows the premier pile to man. (This illustrates the etiological myth in Greek sacrifice: why the Greeks ate the meat and burned the bones to the gods). Zeus, angered by Prometheus’ trickery retaliates and in return for the unjust meat portions he punishes Prometheus by taking fire from man. Prometheus, feels compassion for his humans and steals fire back from the gods, concealing it in a fennel stalk and returning it to mankind. Zeus sees that fire has been restored to mankind, furious with the theft of fire and yet another deception by Prometheus he plans on severely punishing mankind and in doing so has Hephaistos fashion a woman from earth and water to make a beautiful maiden, who astonishes ...

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