Poetry Of The Mind: A Faith That Never Wavers

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Poetry has been used as a channel for people to declare and proclaim their faith and support in beliefs. Jewish poet Lyor Shternberg uses his poetry to express his deep and profound faith to his country and religion. In one such poem “Cupped Palm”, Lyor expresses his deep and unwavering faith to his God, country and himself. Using imagery and passionate diction, Lyor reveals his own devotion and faith in this beautiful poem. The poet takes us into a world, where one man is expressing his deep faith in his god. He praises his god, holding him higher, than any of his fears and emotions. The man suddenly questions himself, to ask whether there is a supernatural being in the world. As the man starts to question his faith, he realizes that... View More »

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The other thoughts are referring to thoughts that of him questioning his belief and faith in God. The poet uses personification again to personify the thoughts and consciousness as human bodies using dancing action to illustrate the myriad of confusion. The poet also embodies imagery into the lines in order to make reader feel as if they are watching this fast paced dance that embodies confusion in life. The word choice such as “dancing” helps create fervent and intense tone in the lines. The punctuation in these lines uses a lot of commas to help create that speedy cadence to push the fervent and intense tone experienced in these lines. The fervent tone helps create the confusion mentioned in these lines, and shows the questioning of his faith in God.
After the first section, there is a shift that starts with “Spreading fake skies within, traps made of cold, blue netting” (lines 11-12). The shift marks changes in the experience that the man is going through. The cadence of the poem changes from the first section due to the difference in the punctuation. In the first section the poem was quickly paced due to the number of commas in the first section. However the second section cadence is much more slower and calm versus the fast and speedy cadence of the first section. A Metaphor is used in the line that causes the shift. The line “blue netting” is used as a metaphor for the Israeli flag and the Star of David. The Star of David is colored blue, and is often used as symbol of God for the Jewish People. The author uses the phrase “blue netting” to symbolize God and God’s ...

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