Primary And Seconday Sources In British Literature

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Striking the Balance between Modern Primary and Secondary Sources
In modern British writing there are many different styles and works. A writer does not generally stick strictly to prose, poetry, or non-fiction. Often times a gifted writer will write in all structures in which messages can be conveyed. They will write not only in fiction with their poems and stories, but also in non-fiction through essays, introductions to anthologies, and reviews of peers. Many writers attempt to clarify what they wish to convey and provide to the reader through their non-fiction works, which can be considered “secondary” sources, versus their fiction which will be referred to as “primary” sources. One such author who crosses into all worlds of the... View More »

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He states, “that is to say that, [poetry] must move our emotions” (British Literature Anthology, 2438). Clearly Auden holds valuable poetries ability to stimulate the reader’s feelings for good or bad, happy or sad. Auden does not prefer poetry that speaks of deep philosophical or scientific topics; more important to him are the poems that bring out genuine feelings, poems that cause an uncontrollable emotional response from the reader. In this way Auden tells the reader to close their mind and open their heart when reading. In his poem Epitaph of a Tyrant it would be easy for a reader to use his lines to stir political commentary or deep discussion over the justness of an emperor and tyrant, balancing the pros and cons of an absolute monarchy. Yet Auden would much rather have the reader react more emotionally to the words he writes. Auden does not wish to rouse debate over monarchs, he would much rather one read the words “and when he cried the little children died in the streets” (Epitaph of a Tyrant) and instantly loath tyranny. In this respect Auden does not want the reader’s brain to make the decision on tyranny, but instead have the reader’s heart pass judgment. This is typical of most of Auden’s poems and is reflect in many of his secondary sources.
In the same respect Auden also clarifies in his secondary sources his concern for the lower class and their ability to read and understand poetry. Auden comments on this problem of education in order to understand poetry when he writes “In spite of the spread of education and the accessibility of printed matter, there ...

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