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They can be as simple as walking down the street or as complex as moving to a whole new place. Some are big and some are small, but they all have a unique significance for the individual. Journeys can be meaningful or unimportant but they all come with their own obstacles that may or may not be overcome. Journeys provide opportunities such as challenges and obstacles to help us discover ourselves and the world around us. One’s perspective and opinion can be changed along the way of a journey in a good or even bad sense. Many composers of text use their chosen medium, whether it be music, poetry, writing or art, to reveal their observations about physical journeys. Peter Skrzynecki uses his medium of poetry to convey his thought about physical journeys. Many of his poems suggest his idea that the journeying process never ends. In his poem A Drive in the Country he expresses his quest for freedom from his traumatic past and the hardships he has encountered along the way. In the song Nowhere Man written by John Lennon for The Beatles, it explains the journey of ‘Nowhere Man’ who doesn’t know where he is going or when his journey will end. A cartoon from the site illustrates the struggle of a man trying to conquer a mountain but doubts he will ever be able to. All these text relate as they demonstrate that journeys can be difficult to complete and can also be never ending. View More »

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