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To begin, this was my first time watching that movie and I’m glad I did because I really enjoyed the movie. I don’t usually get attached to movies so easily, but this movie really touched me because of how the young boy was portrayed from the beginning and at the end. I had no idea honestly that this movie was based of a real football player from the NFL.
In the movie a young man named Michael is shown to be in really bad condition because of the environment he grew up around since his birth. At the end he became a real star and a famous NFL quarterback. What I think contributed to Mike’s success is the family that took him in and treated him as equally as everyone else. Due to the fact that the family took Michael in, he was able... View More »

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Doesn’t matter where a person grows up, but if good people guide them, then goodness will remain and the person will have a better life despite the fact they are in bad neighborhood. I can relate to that because I was brought up in a really bad neighborhood, but because of my parents and there teachings about right and wrong, as well as the private catholic school I attended, kept me intact and I stayed on the right path. Wealth also has to do with impacting peoples lives because people with wealth have an easier time living and getting along with people in life, rather than people that are poor. People that are poor tend to stay on the path of good, but due to certain circumstances there intentions become confused and don’t realize what they are getting into. The same goes with Mike in the movie because in the beginning he was part of the bad neighborhood, but in the end he knew that they were bad people and he left them all.
I do see how the film illustrates the main point of the video from last week because people do what people see/ are told and that’s what happened to mike. He did what people told him to do whether he was happy about it or not and that is something that impacts there life. Achieved relates to this because Michael went through from beginning to the end to find his goal in life, Ascribed relates to this because of his new white family gave him all the stuff he never had, so things were easy for him, and Social Stratification relates to this because when mike was poor and a nobody, no one wanted to talk to him and when mike became someone people ...

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