The College Application Process

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1. What is Literature?
* Literature is a form of art. It is the expression of human nature and significant human experiences.
* Literature is the art of self-expression. It comes from the Latin word, Littera, which means "acquaintance with letters". Broadly speaking, literature describes written work that ranges from creative, technical, informational, descriptive or even scientific craft.

Two Kinds of Literature

1. Prose - is a literary piece that is written without metrical structure.

* History, journalism, philosophy, fiction and fantasy writings, scientific writings, children's literature authors and writers are included in Prose Literature.

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Literary criticism
It is the critical study of a piece of literature. Here critics apply different theories, evaluation, discussion and explanation to the text or an essay to give total judgments. Plato, Aristotle, T.S.Eliot, Saussure and Frye are some of the famous critics.

Travel literature
It is the narration of any tour or foreign journey with the description of the events, dates, places, sights and author's views. Francis Bacon's natural philosophies in the middle of Seventeenth century is one famous example of travel literature.

Diaries are the incidents recorded by the author without any means of publishing them. It is the rough work of one's daily routine, happenings, memorable days or events in their life. E.g. Anne Frank's 'Diary of a Young Girl' was published by her father in 1940s; it's a story of a girl trapped during German invade Amsterdam.

Diaries consists of business letters, newsletters, weather listing. In today's world of Internet, writers write in blogs, forums, polls and social networking sites to convey their thoughts. This also is a form of diary writing. Some profound forms of diaries are online diary, travel, sleep, tagebuch, fictional, dream and death diaries.

Journal is one of types of diaries that records infinite information. They are of following types:

It is a collection of daily or weekly news of politics, sports, leisure, fashion, movies and business.

Magazines can be the current affairs or opinions well collected covering various content.

2. Poetry - is an artistic piece ...

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