The Comparison Of The Romanticism And Harlem Renaissance Art Period

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Throughout History, Art has often been the illustration to the current events of the time. I have found that Art movements have either gone against a certain political climate or accompanied a certain political or cultural ideal; it was almost like the news channel of the past. Certain Artist would show the region they were painting in a good light, and be in agreement to their culture, other Artist however would create in a protest to their current cultural situation. I chose The Romantic Art Period and the Harlem Renaissance period because although they were separated by almost two hundred years, the artist of both periods created art for the same purpose of showing an honest, or often unpopular political view of both generations. ... View More »

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This painting shows to me the seriousness the artist took in his work, as well as his opinion of French nationalism. The painting was also used as an add campaign for the French Revolution.
The Harlem Renaissance took place around 1920-1930, it was a short time period for artist but it was a very impactful time period. The Harlem Renaissance was created during a time of social injustice to the African American community specifically because the Plessey vs. Fergusson case which deemed it constitutional to segregate black and white people. This led to a second civil rights problem, which caused the African American Communities to join together to empower each other through education and unity.

The Harlem Renaissance was an artistic movement which was created by African American’s who moved to the city of Harlem New York. Homes and apartments became available to African Americans because of lack of interest by white Americans and due to the prices being affordable. It started out as a nicer inner city housing community, but turned into a thriving African American Artistic movement. There was a call for African Americans to move to Harlem if they possessed talents of music, poetry, dance, and art among other mediums.
Harlem Renaissance artwork was very diverse. There were new singer’s and jazz musicians, poets, writers, and fine artist who wanted to portray the African American community In a serious light that would show a realistic depiction of life for African Americans in the past, and also during that time. Some of the most noticeable Harlem Paintings were ...

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