The Differences Of Friendship

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All humans, no matter what race, gender, or color have basic desires in life. These desires include the desire to live, the desire to be healthy, and so on. Yet there is one universal desire that is developed and very dependent on other humans, and that is the desire for friendship. The desire for friendship seems essentially basic, yet it comes in so many different forms based on the individual, which is evident in the story Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. Through the three protagonists, Walton, Victor, and the monster we see how each of the character’s desires and accessibility to friendship differ. It is also through these characters that we see Mary Shelley’s views and values on friendship and... View More »

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Elizabeth is sympathetic to his nature and “offers herself as consolation for his woes”, for she helps to break through Victor’s depression when sometimes no one else can (Vlasopolos 128). The mere site of Elizabeth often helps Victor to momentarily escape from the deep chasms of his mind. In addition, Victor has the companionship of his father who is always there for him, even when Victor is consumed by his work. He realizes that he started “to forget those friends who were so many miles absent” something that is very different from Walton, for Walton is always writing back to his sister while on his expedition (Shelley 56).
The last protagonist, the monster, is the character that wants friendship the most, yet cannot seem to find it at all. From the time of his creation, not even Victor could “endure the aspect of the being [he] had created” (Shelley 58). The monster is deprived of the sympathy and friendship of his creator, and he stumbles through life receiving the exact same notions in all of his encounters. “His life is a lonely misery, tormented by want of sympathy or company and by the utter absence of hope for such” (Badalamenti 430). As he watches the De Lacey’s in his hovel, all the monster longs for is to feel the friendship and companionship that each of the De Lacey’s have for each other. He tries to create small ambiguous interactions with the family by finding “fuel for the cottage” and performing “those offices that [he] had seen done by Felix” (Shelley 117). By doing this, his plan was to “first win their favour, and afterwards their love” ...

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