The Effects Of Emotionality

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Every person in the world is their own original character and the thing that makes up this character is personality. Personality is the number one thing that puts together people’s characters. If they have a joyful personality, then they are uplifted people and likewise with sorrowful and furious by being crushed or hateful. In Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Juliet shows her emotional side many times throughout the play by being upset, devastated and even by killing herself in the end. All of which causes different problems in the play.

Everybody feels depressed when they can no longer see people whom they like or love, but Juliet takes that to another level. Juliet finds out that her love Romeo has been banished and she does not... View More »

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This quote is important because it is a fact that Juliet actually kills herself from her emotionality. Juliet wants to commit suicide to reunite herself with Romeo. Being emotional here is reasonable but to commit suicide is just crazy. How come she does not just run away? Well since she is emotionally in love with Romeo, she cannot be without him.

Juliet’s emotionality clearly makes up her character and influences how she acts and the play. She is upset that Romeo is banished, and then she threatens her life to the friar, and even ends up killing herself in the end since she is unable to think clearly. All of what Juliet says is proof of her emotionality. This emotionality plays an important role in the play because it is a tragedy play. It also sets the tone for something bad that is about to happen. It works out best for Juliet because she is a younger character and it would not be expected to witness such emotions from her. This personality trait is the biggest one for Juliet and also the most noticeable in the play, which is why it is the most significant. ...

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