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But he gets involved with shady men who led him in the involvement of illegal activities such as bootlegging alcohol; the true origin of his wealth. (Fitzgerald) And although Nick does not completely agree with Gatsby’s actions, he still respects him. “They’re a rotten crowd, you’re worth the whole damn bunch put together.” Readers agree with Nick in that Gatsby is better than the artificial Tom and Daisy. Gatsby achieved wealth, success, power, and status to achieve his true love. He surrounded himself in an environment that made him look more important and more prevailing than he really was. (Ronald) And Gatsby had the ability to dream; his dreaming capacity was enormous. Since Tom and Daisy had everything given to them on a silver platter, they had no reason to dream. Gatsby, on the other hand, dreamed of his love, Daisy; yet thought that lavish items and power could bring her back, but Gatsby’s dream was dead and had no faith in it.

Gatsby is ambitious; he works hard in everything he does. Readers are inspired by his determination to get through the struggles of poverty and to achieve a high social status. He works diligently to obtain Daisy; and is highly motivated. “Those who possess the necessary means lack the will, motive or capacity to pursue a dream.” (Bloom 75) Gatsby did have a dream, and the power to make his dreams actually come true, but only to a certain extent. He reunited with Daisy and their old flame was reestablished. But when Gatsby wants Daisy to come back to him and marry him, Daisy later has second thoughts and rejects his proposal because she would rather be with Tom. Daisy would not give up her image and reputation of a wealthy woman to live with Gatsby, who is a “newly rich,” even if she did love him. (Ernest) Gatsby keeps striving for Daisy, “he found that he had committed himself to the following o View More »

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