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It has been said that the topic of paedophilia is far too disturbing a topic to fit in comfortably within a comic world, yet Hector engages in paedophilia acts throughout the play. What is your view of the character and comic role of Hector?

A paedophile is ‘an adult who has sexual desire for children or who has committed the crime of sex with a prepubescent child’. Obviously, in its true form paedophilia is an unacceptable topic, and with a doubt disturbing. In a modern society, paedophilia is a controversial topic in which is difficult for a public audience to engage comically in a topic about this issue as it is distressing and solemn. However, Bennett produces a technique which creates this topic to become... View More »

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’, showing he is careless of Hector’s behaviour in which makes the way the boys reactions humorous because there initial reaction is to laugh, at what Hector is doing in which gives the audience the thumbs up to laugh at this as well. The reactions from the boys mock Hector, shows they have a friendly relationship with him, but the impression the reader is given is that the boys control this student-teacher relationship, however Hector is part of the group. This is also identified when Mrs Lintott says, ‘a nickname is an achievement’ as it means you are accepted by the boys, as Hector is a nickname. This shows a companionable relationship, and conveys that the feelings in their relationship are mutual not one sided. When Hector is confronted by the headmaster about his actions he describes that ‘nothing happened’ which can be interpreted that the relationship is neutral and because they boys don’t care about the situation as it is casual to them. However this can be argued that Hector demeans his actions by saying this as he knows himself that what he is doing is wrong, but instead of wanting Hector to be caught out the reader feels upset for Hector as it conveys Hector is repressed. Although, the boys know Hectors actions are wrong as Scripps states ‘Sacked? Who complained?’ which belittles Hector’s actions because they didn’t care what Hector was doing and it gives the sense that his termination is too drastic for his actions. Despite the fact, Hector’s actions are wrong; the boys also play a part in this because most of the boys decline his offer showing that the boys ...

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