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Ice breakers almost always include the question of, “Where are you from?” and having grown up in Naperville, Illinois, whenever I bring that up to people, I often get the response, “Oh wow, wasn’t that named one of the country’s most mean towns to live in?”. That question is usually followed by the immediate judgement that I am a mean, rich, shallow person with little regard for other people. Now, having grown up in Naperville, I can personally attest that many of the people who live there are, well, mean. I don’t know their back stories so I try my hardest not to judge, but many are extremely caught up in their personal cliques, and if you don’t fit the mold that they think everyone should be, you’re usually met with eye rolls, rude... View More »

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The class was taught by this short guy, with fiery red hair and glasses named Mr. Brouwer who honestly, I took one look at, and dismissed the idea of ever liking this dude as a teacher. A completely unfair assumption, and I look back now and hate myself for that thought because he ended up being the best teacher I ever had. This class focused on topics reviewed in a regular health class such as: drugs, sex, sexuality, dealing with emotional pain, etc, and expands deeper into them. It was a 90% discussion based class with an occasional short paper, where we would take a subject such as, “Do you think a baby would be better off with a homosexual set of parents or a heterosexual set of parents?” and the class would then open up to discussion about what they thought and why they thought this. Much like my dad, when I heard someone say they didn’t think a kid should be raised by homosexual parents, I flipped out. I remember raising my hand, and then just giving this kid a piece of my mind before he could even finish. Mr. Brouwer let it all play out for the first time, and after I got done berating the poor kid for his opinion, he asked, “Does anyone know what intolerance is?”. Being freshman, none of us really knew what that word meant. Wed all probably heard it on the news, read it in a book, or even probably have heard a parent use it, but I doubt any of us really knew what it meant. He went on to explain to us what it is, and how many times when a kid is intolerant, it isn’t their fault, but the fault of the environment they grew up in. He said, “If you are going to succeed ...

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