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Countless females have attempted to match the success of these artists, and despite being pioneers of their craft, renowned female rappers such as MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, and Lil’ Kim were commercially unsuccessful compared to their male counterparts (Keyes, 2000).

Even female lyricists have transformed from depicting themselves as beautiful and intelligent women “highly respected for their creative skills” (p. 10), to highly materialistic, violent and lewd women who exploit their sex appeal in an attempt to gain approval and money from today’s hip-hop community (Keyes, 2000).

Though not directly related to hip-hop magazines or their advertisements, sSeveral studies have highlighted the link between hip-hop culture and views of women. One study, for example, examined how listeners perceived the lyrics of sexually-themed rap group 2 Live Crew. In this experimental study, Dixon & Linz (1997) exposed 80 males and 80 females to two genres of music: rap (specifically 2 Live Crew) and non-rap (R&B, pop, rock, etc). The subjects were subjected to music of high, medium, and low sexual explicitness, and then asked to judge the music based on its “patent offensiveness, prurient appeal, and artistic merit” (p. 1) regarding 2 Live Crew and rap music in general. The results signify that 2 Live Crew’s music was generally rated as more offensive than any other musicas the most offensive, and interestingly, women found 2 Live Crew to be as offensive as men. These results indicate that women identify lyrics as sexually explicit as 2 Live Crew the same as men, botht the male and female subjects found the 2 Live Crew equally offensive, meaning that the ideas of objectifying and degrading women differ very li View More »

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