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Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino, or Raphael for short is one of the most known artist the world has ever came to known, growing up in the Renaissance era, and being a Catholic his work mostly reflects these two elements, Raphael most famously known for such paintings such as George and the Dragon, Deposition of Christ, and probably one of his most well-known Transfiguration the one that stands out the most is his painting of a young woman which in her arms appears to be a young unicorn, people often relate this painting much to Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous Mona Lisa cause of its strange positioning and mysterious look, this painting also has people wondering why Raphael decided to put a Unicorn into this young ladies... View More »

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Also according to tradition Saint Catherine was born to royalty and was highly educated which could explain the environment of this painting, as seen on the right and left side of the painting stand two marble pillars with an overview of a mountain side which shows great evidence that this is most like a painting of Saint Catherine because of what seems to be a rich environment, They that being said other aspect that points out why this painting is a great example of a piece of Renaissance art is the symmetry of this photo, Raphael and many other great artist like him try to achieve is this look of balancing, the whole idea of balancing in painting in the time of the Renaissance went beyond the fact of just making a photo look nice but also show a deeper meaning of how that artist felt about society and mainly the church, many artist like Raphael believed that the people and the church should be on the same level and not have certain overpowering over one another both coexisting in perfect balancing. During the time of the Renaissance it was the people’s desire to revive the look and beauty of ancient Greece, this is especially found in architecture but also found in many paintings as well, as I was saying before the two marble pillars were most note able to art work found during the time of ancient Greece which just as Raphael was trying to do in this photo was to try and revive this look and beauty for ancient Greece. The finally element Raphael tried to focus on with the painting of Saint Catharine was to try and make her as life like as possible, What many artist from ...

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