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The idea that speeding up production in any setting sounds like a formula for disaster, yet for companies with products with high demand, speeding up production is crucial. Speeding up production to meet higher demands does mean higher revenue, increasing a company’s return on investment. The reasons to speed up production are best portrayed in the example of the Italian super carmaker Pagani. In making their emblems, also known as the rear Pagani logo, if they speed up production, workers can be allocated to other parts of the production process. Pagani would be more efficient by wasting less material, and manpower, and are able to produce around the clock without having to hire more workers.
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Many consumers buy a Pagani because the firm focuses on hand production, hand assembly, and taking the time to slowly manufacture car parts. Many customers willing to spend the $1.4 million to buy a Pagani expect almost every aspect of it to be produced and assembled by hand, and to buy of the highest quality (1).
The best way to overcome the opposition lies in options. If customers want the emblems handmade in a 24 hour process then they can have the option to do so, but only if they pay extra. The realm of production is all about cutting cost and cutting cost will lead to labor cuts. Employees will undoubtedly be opposed at first, but if Pagani can reallocate most of its workforce to building other parts of the car, or developing a whole new car, some workers can be spared. Pagani can still emphasize the fact that most of the remaining parts of the car are hand built and assembled, it is just these small processes that are being converted into more efficient and cost effective processes. In the end it just seems like such a waste to spend so much time and money on something so seemingly insignificant that can be easily improved.

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