Give Me Cash And I'll Shut Up

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It is nearly inevitable that you have not heard the infamous saying “Money cannot buy you happiness” less than a handful of times during your life. The feeling of being truly happy has no relevance to what you have in your wallet, some might say… I on the other hand, see things much different from the average person. I am one of the many adversaries that believe that the saying is one of the furthest things from the actual truth anyone could possibly be. Just the thought of someone calling me out or not agreeing with me gives me an indescribable feeling of animosity.

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All of this negative energy generated could very well contribute to a piss-poor attitude. Allow me to paint a better realistic picture here, having three bucks in the bank with car insurance and car payment due and unable to afford even the t-shirt at the mall that everyone has, or the newest car with the biggest chrome wheels and the loudest sound system is totally not what I am trying to get at. It’s the feeling of waking up on a Monday and knowing that I have a ¼ tank of gas in my car and that is supposed to last all week. That is the kind of stressful ideology I am talking about.

Many people today are going through many problems due to the lack of funds. The downfall in Americas' economy is one of the largest most detrimental ongoing proliferations causing this problem. Losing jobs, losing homes, cars and other basic necessities of today's lifestyle would make almost anyone with a brain believe that having some sort of extra cash in their wallet could keep some sort of social happiness.

When people begin to relinquish things that they quite possibly spent a majority of their life trying to achieve due to the lack of money, its affects can bring on countless hardships. Ask yourself, what makes 'us' want these material things? I would be a hypocrite if I said that money isn't important and for a while I believed that money did not buy happiness. In today's society, most everyone wants the latest trends or technologies that are new and attractive or the biggest home with the nicest quality cars. No one wants to be the one that rolls up at the tailgating ...

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