How To Do A Back Flip

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I. Intro
A. Let me show you something flipping awesome, (Do a standing back flip) a back flip.
B. Today, I am going to show you how to perform a fundamental skill in both the sport of gymnastics and in cheerleading; a standing back flip. And since I come from a gymnastics background, I’ll show you the gymnastics way of doing it.
C. When learning how to perform a back flip you need to consider three main factors: Using safety, learning how to perform it correctly and putting everything together.

II. Body
A. First is using safety, safety is crucial when it comes to learning a new skill especially when it is a flip. Remember, safety first.
1. A gymnastics gym works out best; just make sure you have proper matting. (Show slide... View More »

Body Sample...

a. The simplest way to do this is jumping backwards and falling on your back on a crash mat. (Show slide picture) The crash mat (pit) is the best mat for this progression. To break it down you have to “sit in the chair” which means this. (Sit in the chair with jump) This helps give you the power you need to start the back flip.
b. In addition to jumping backwards and falling on your back, you have to make sure that you set. And what I mean by “set” is to set yourself up for the back flip before you attempt the back flip. Basically just swing your arms through which gives even more power to do the back flip. (Swing arms) Then just put the two together. (Sit in chair, swing arms, and jump) Don’t forget to tuck.
c. Next is the landing. When landing, you should bend your legs right as they touch the ground, not too much or little. (Bend Legs) Also make sure you have your arms in front of you to provide balance. (Front arm) Then just stand up while you put your feet together and arms up, that’s the gymnastics’ way of ending.
C. Last is actually performing the back flip. It’s best to have a spotter there to help you through it the first time and to do it on the crash mat. (Use mat slide) Once you’re comfortable with the spot, do it on your own. Then work way through the mats; then on the cheese mat, then on the sting mat and last on the floor ex.

III. Conclusion
A. Although a back flip is a basic skill, it takes some people longer than others to actually learn how to do it. But no matter who you are, you should always use safety when learning ...

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