Passenger And Cell Phone Conversations In Simulated Driving Summary

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About eight years ago, Frank A. Drews, Monisha Pasupathi and David L. Strayer conducted a psychological experiment in which they tested the effects of conversing while driving. This research was performed at the University of Utah College using a driving simulator. The authors are interested in this topic because driving is an efficient way to get from place to place, but it is also dangerous as well. This experiment is important because it could demonstrate the hazards of driving while being distracted, like talking to a passenger or on a cell phone. They also wanted to compare this study with other previous experiments done in the past with similar purposes.
The purpose of the research:
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The average age could also show that this study aims more for college kids since they are more comfortable with driving than teens are, and as a result, it makes them more careless when driving. In most states, the minimum legal driving age is 16. Usually the new drivers are the most careful, but after a few years that all changes and they are not as careful as before.
The materials used in the study:
This whole experiment was done by using a high-tech driving simulator, in which all of the participants had time to get used to. It features three 5-minute situations: A rural area at night, a downtown area and the last being a highway at daytime. The simulator featured a multilane highway, in which the driver had to pay good attention on because there are lane changes, speed changes, other cars and exit ramps to exit. They also used a graph and some tables to represent the data and some statistical problems to help visualize the data.
The procedures used in the study:
They randomly selected groups of two for each scenario, one to use the simulator and one as the passenger or the cell phone person. They measured what the content of the conversation was, either about the short story or about the driving conditions. They used the root mean square error (RMSE) to calculate how much the car drifts on the road. Speed was the average speed and following distance was the average distance between the driver’s car and the car it was behind.
The results of the study:
The graph showed how the number of successful participants in the navigation task was far more successful in ...

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