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Circle the “MOST” correct answer for each question. Transfer this letter (answer) to the answer sheet included with this test. Keep the test paper for review in class. Submit the answer sheet to the OLS (in your individual forum) on or before the start of the last scheduled class. There is only one “most” correct answer to each question. This is an “open book” test. This is an individual test, not a team test. There may be a curve to this test, based on the highest score submitted. Working with another student(s) only lowers this curve. DO NOT FORGET TO WRITE YOU NAME ON THE ANSWER SHEET.

1 Fans of Los Angeles' professional basketball and hockey teams can buy team merchandise through a new catalog retailer called Team LA.... View More »

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B) Use words like unique, exclusive, and matchless to make your ideas seem more powerful.
C) Use a unique typeface that says something about your personality.
D) Use present and future tense as well as active voice.
E) Avoid the use of visuals because they will be perceived as clutter.

8 A few years ago, General Mills started the Box Top for Education program. Consumers of a variety of General Mills products could save the box tops and submit them to their local schools. Once a school had certain number, it could exchange its box tops for classroom equipment. Which market-product strategy best explains why General Mills would sponsor such a program?
A) product penetration
B) market development
C) market divestment
D) product development
E) market penetration

9 Frank has a gross income of $24,000. He pays $4,000 in taxes. His yearly expenditures for food, shelter, and clothes total $17,250. What is his discretionary income?
A) $2,750
B) $6,750
C) $13,250
D) $20,000
E) Frank has no discretionary income.

10 In the U.S. alone, roughly 500 million computers will become obsolete between 1997 and 2007. These computers contain more than 2 billion pounds of what will become lead waste that is harmful to the environment. As a result, computer manufacturers are being pressured to accept used computers for the safety of our communities. This environmental issue reflects a problem with __________, a technological force.
A) green marketing
B) the green initiative
C) recycling
D) pre-recycling
E) precycling

11 One-way satellite transmission has ...

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