Advertisement Review Board: Today’s Necessity

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The FTC’s action against Reebok, although seemingly extreme was justified, because Reebok’s claim that their “toning shoes could strengthen leg and buttock muscles” was not supported by sound science. Reebok was essentially tricking people into buying their shoes to generate revenue for their company; instead of providing a superior product justified by science, they were just using clever, sneaking marketing to make money.
Still, Reebok’s response of paying $25 million in customer refunds to settle charges was a smart move. It was a smart move because Reebok owns 42% of the market share in the industry for these shoes. With the 2010 market revenue being $1.1 billion, this means that Reebok alone... View More »

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Though many may say that consumers are not foolish and should be able to decipher whether or not product claims are true, marketers have gotten more and more clever in the ways in which they advertise. Often times they can word an ad in a way that confuses the consumer or makes them believe something that is not entirely true. This is why it is crucial for an independent review body to form in the US to ensure all ads are clear and consumers know exactly what they are getting themselves into. This would save consumers time and money and protect them from what can be seen as brainwash through ads and cunning marketing techniques.

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