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000 0.229 1,750,000.000 400,000.000 7.200 10.000 12,600,000.000 4,000,000.000 4.500 7.500 3,690,000.000 640,000.00 2.700 2.500 3.60 0.550 1,035,685.646 236,728.148 B 0.229 400,000.000 9.000 3,600,000.000 3.750 1,560,000.00 5.250 1.260 236,728.148 C 0.543 950,000.000 4.800 4,560,000.000 1.500 1,490,000.00 3.300 1.790 562,229.350

Sales at Full Capacity (units) Sales Mix Actual Sales Volume Unit Sales Price Total Sales Revenue Variable Cost per Unit Fixed Costs (Total) Contribution Margin per Unit Weighted Contribution Margin Breakeven Point

Net Income Taxes EBIT Fixed Costs Weighted Contribution Margin Level of Operations w/dividends only

600,000 600,000 1,200,000 3,690,000.00 3.60 1,358,333.333

c. What level of operations must be achieved to meet the union demands, ignoring bonus dividends?
Level of Operations w/union demands only (Variable Costs + 10%) Aggregate A B Sales at Full Capacity (units) 2,000,000.000 Sales Mix 0.229 0.229 Actual Sales Volume 1,750,000.000 400,000.000 400,000.000 Unit Sales Price 7.200 10.000 9.000 Total Sales Revenue 12,600,000.000 4,000,000.000 3,600,000.000 Variable Cost per Unit 4.500 8.250 4.125 Fixed Costs (Total) 3,690,000.000 0.00 0.00 Contribution Margin per Unit 2.700 1.750 4.875 Weighted Contribution Margin 3.224 0.400 1.114 Breakeven Point 1,144,439.521 261,586.176 261,586.176 Net Income Taxes EBIT Fixed Costs Weighted Contribution Margin Level of Operations w/ no increase in dividends C 0.543 950,000.000 4.800 4,560,000.000 1.650 0.00 3.150 1.710 621,267.169

450,000.000 450,000.000 900,000.000 3,690,000.000 3.224 1,423,697.270

d. What level of operations must be achieved to meet both dividends and expected union requirements?

Net Income Taxes EBIT Fixed Costs Weighted Contribution Margin Level of Operations w/dividends and union demands

600,000.000 600,000.000 1,200,000.000 3,690,000.000 3.224 1,516,614.976

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