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C&S wholesale grocers grew from a small company in 1918, to a multimillion dollar business through innovation and attention to customer service. Through this strategy they acquired large supermarket accounts, such as Big D and then later A&P. However the new accounts, put a lot of pressure on the business structure, and made Rick Cohen, the CEO, asses this business structure. Rick Cohen faced a dilemma of whether or not to restructure the company and adopt a new model of self managed teams. Cohen was also faced with the decision to adopt the model now with the holiday season approaching the busiest time for C&S or to wait after the holidays. He had read an article that credited self managed teams with... View More »

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Veteran and newly hired employees were “frustrated and unhappy, and absenteeism had been on the rise.” One of the employees at C&S had commented about the new employees that “None of these people knew their way around.” The increased work load along with the new employees being untrained and inefficient had lead to frustration amongst the senior staff. Annualized turnover rate of warehouse selector had been approaching 90%. Productivity and quality had been suffering. Under the current operation style Cohen was not sure if C&S would be able to meet the needs of all its customers and maintain the high levels of customer satisfaction.

Action Plan
In the past through innovation, decisiveness and commitment to choices Cohen’s ancestors had made C&S a successful business. Rick Cohen realized that there were several problems under the current management style. He needed to fix those problems for the company to succeed. No one had tried the concept of self-managed teams, and he wanted, once again to have a competitive edge through innovation. Rick Cohen had begun to address the problems by running a limited experiment of a self managed team with his experienced staff.
If Cohen implements the self managed teams, there are several advantages such as increased enthusiasm in the teams, learning from peers, camaraderie and shared responsibility. The employees would become more involved and have more control on their work. This would increase employee job satisfaction and productivity. The group would feel a sense of ownership in the success of the company as there would be ...

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