Coaching And Counseling Virtual Teams

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The scope of this assignment is to critically compare and contrast the two different approaches in virtual team developing: coaching and counseling. Essential part of this project examines the different models of effective coaching and counseling. In addition this research shows how to prevent ineffectiveness in teams composed of on individuals located in different places, time zones, or members who are assigned to a particular project, but they have to communicate virtually.
Why coaching and counseling virtual teams?
First and foremost every virtual team experience threats related to its effectiveness. Major concerns are related to the “process losses”. Such losses develop around the use of talent... View More »

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Team Coaching:
By definition coaching refers to direct interaction with the team that is intended to help members develop and use effective processes in accomplishing the team work. The main goal of coaching is to minimize the “process losses” described above.
By addressing the lack of effort, an effective coaching, emphasizes on motivational characteristics to minimize social loafing and to build shred commitment to the group and its work. Coaching addressing the knowledge and skill is educational in character and its functions are to minimize the inappropriate weighting of members’ contributions and to foster the development of members’ knowledge and skills. Furthermore, coaching can address the task strategy in consultative way by minimizing the mindless adoption or execution of task and foster innovative procedures related to the completion of the task.
Critical aspect of effective coaching is the time of intervention. Time of intervention is associated with the team’s stage of development. Effective coaching should be delivered when issues are still “alive” for the team.
Coaching virtual teams happens through electronic media, and the success depends on taking actions that helps decrease the likelihood of process losses. Ultimately, the effective coaching of virtual teams requires occasional face-to-face contacts by the team members as a whole. In order to achieve a successful outcome an effective virtual-team coach should emphasize on the following:
• Developing motivation among virtual-team members by highlighting the importance of prioritizing the ...

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