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First step in this research is identifying factors that influence preference of customer in choosing a cosmetic. This step will adopt marketing mix as the identification tool. Second step is identifying cosmetic market segments by using SPSS 12.0, which consists of hierarchical and non-hierarchical clustering. Profile each segment is identified with benefit segmentation method. Thurstone Case V algorithm is used in this third step. Then, perceptual map is made to see position of XA in customer’s mind and among its competitors. Three tools in NEWMDSX are used for these purposes. They are HICLUS, MRSCAL, and PROFIT. Last step is measuring the performance of XA marketing communcation tools by using Importance and Performance Analysis Matrices. All data outputs from those steps will be used in designing recommendation of XA’s integrated marketing communcation.
From data processing, it is showed that product quality is the most significant factor in influencing customer’s preference when they choose cosmetic. Respectively, the significant factors are price, promotion, place/distribution channel, physical evidence, people, and process. Latest is the most unsignificant factor. Judgement for those factors are different in each segment. Data processing also shows information about quantity of segments. They are four segments formed with special characteristics. First segment has low attention in cosmetic needs. Second segment has a big size in membership, easy to be influenced by promotion, and has low loyalty. Third segment has high attention in cosmetic needs, but they are not easy to be influenced by promotion. Last, fourth segment has high loyalty to XA, small size in membership, and can not be influenced by promotion easily.
In customer’s mind, XA has a good performance in product quality, serving process, and people; but low performance in price, place/channel distribution, physical evidence, and promotion. XA has two main competitor View More »

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