Csr Failure And Possible Solutions In The Failure Of Enron

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Enron was one of the 100 top companies to work for in America. The company was responsible and had great policies on climate change, human right and anti-corruption. Enron also had great mission and value regarding to Corporation Social Responsibility such as communication, respect and integrity.(Werther, Jr. & Chandler, 2011) However, Enron filed for bankruptcy due to corporation's 1 billion dollars debt in 2001. (Pucas, 2002) Enron made attempts to hide massive amount of debt and inflated its profit. Enron used mark-to-market accounting system. Mark-to-market works with a built power plant that does not make profit, however Enron claims projected profit into its books. If the revenue is less than the price for the assets, Enron... View More »

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As one of the committee members, I will adapt a couple of policies that I learned from following illustration. A pasta factory in southern part of Italy had a problem with employees' absence. Factory has almost ten percent of absent rate, which is much larger number, compared to factories in northern part of Italy. If employees do not show up, then one line of products in factory has to be stopped. The factory was in trouble because it was not meeting its product output therefore the company tried to close down the factory. Apparently, employees called in sick on Mondays or on the days when there was big soccer game in order to watch soccer games and have longer weekends. The manager in the factory started an act to solve the problem. There were checkup visiting for sick employees, but checkup was ineffective policy because checkup can be done only certain time of the day. Employees took an advantage of this system by staying their house in certain time for doctors’ visits. To solve this problem, the manager hired private doctors to visit sick employees to check whether they were sick or not anytime. This kept employees from taking unneeded sick days due to unexpected doctor visits. The manager also figured out which doctors were signing notes for employees to take sick days. He did not accuse doctors but merely inform the doctors how many notes they signed for employees so doctors think that they could be in trouble with fake signing notes. The manager informed employees if there is still absence, the factory would be closed. This gives employees and ...

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