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On the other hand there are more reasons to why managers should delegate. If you struggle with

time management like my self, time is the number one reason why you should delegate. Others

are achieve more, increased value, encouragement for the subordinate, and most important this

forms a great team. Now your team feels like they can trust you as their manager. Not only are

you benefiting but so is your subordinate. If the rate at which employees proceed (promotion,

etc) through your business is important, then you will feel that delegated tasks are extremely

worthwhile. By delegating, you will have increased their responsibility and capabilities which

will further add to their knowledge/skill. This will then put them in a position to meet the

requirements of moving up to the next level.

Even "Super-You" needs help and support. There is no shame in asking for assistance. Push

aside the pride and show respect for the talent others can bring to the table. And, remember that

there is no such thing as a single-handed success: When you include and acknowledge all those

in your corner, you propel yourself, your teammates and your supporters to greater heights.

(Author Unknown)

Done properly delegation is very effective, it also takes skill to delegate so it is a job. You

have to have lots of patience, great communication skills, realistic, select the proper individuals,

confidence in your subordinates, support, and the enthusiasm to want to grow and develop.

When this happens everyone can move on to higher levels.

Working on your own I have realized that I have limited time. You can only work so many hours

a day, there only so many task you can complete in these hours. A great leader in any setting, but

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particularly with respect to a real estate office, delegates by assigning responsibilities to others

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