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Not just to read though, but to take the time to put his principles into practice.

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Lincoln On Leadership describes the leadership style and qualities of the man who many say was the greatest leader in American history. Author, Donald Phillips shares numerous historical references to demonstrate some of the critical leadership skills that Lincoln utilized in his political career.
Although Phillips describes numerous leadership qualities, there are a few that form the center of Lincoln's leadership style. Lincoln was a man of great integrity and honesty. He was referred to as 'Honest Abe', and still is. His honesty combined with his ability to be direct and compassionate at the same time, certainly sets him apart from many other leaders. Lincoln had tremendous compassion for his staff. He seemed to be ever willing to give them opportunities to grow and develop. He offered tremendous support for them to develop into the types of leaders he needed. At the same time he was willing to make tough decisions. Throughout his Presidency, Lincoln relieved many of the most powerful leaders in the country of their duties. But not until he tried everything he could to help them to succeed.
Another critical leadership quality that set Lincoln apart was his undying desire to learn and be prepared for everything he faced. Donald Phillips recites example after example of speeches and meetings that made Lincoln so famous. All of these examples exemplify his strength in preparation. Lincoln was also very talented at speaking extemporaneously, to the degree that some of his most well received speeches were not prepared beforehand. Interestingly, however, it is noted that his ability to be extemporaneous was based on his great commitment to preparation View More »

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