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Section 1 - Introduction

In this research project, our objective is to evaluate FoundationTM for possible incorporation as part of future Management 552 "Advanced Strategy and Business Policy" classes. The appropriateness, suitability and viability of including FoundationTM in Management 552 "Advanced Strategy and Business Policy" are considered.

The company which offers products is Management Simulations, Inc. Current situation of (Management Simulations, Inc.) is as follows:
a. Current number of enrolled students = 28,000
b. Current number of universities participating = 400
c. Some of these universities include 15 overseas universities in the following countries:
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Another excellent tool is that if the team is divided into the different strategies, each team member can upload their own decisions, review the other member's decisions, and then discuss them to reach an agreement. Every time a team member uploads a decision to , an e-mail is sent automatically to the other members of the team.

A helpful tool for the professor is his/her ability to read the team's on-line discussions.
Other tools available include, peer evaluations, tutorials, student records, personality scale, and team developer.

Section 2 - Strengths and Weaknesses Analysis toc

Our team had enrolled in the simulation system, studied the software, website, the team member's manual and had actually run the business simulation for six rounds (business years). We have identified the following strengths and weaknesses:
The simulations provide virtual business venture experience - without risk. Students would gain real world experience in running a company.
The simulation creates a unique emotional link to learning.
Experiential learning is the most effective form of training. Students learn best by doing
Participants become critical thinkers: It forces students to consider all aspects of decision-making and strategies.
Students reach an understanding of the importance of alignment in all functional elements of the business, and how they can best contribute to the company's overall strategic objective.
Students learn the importance of teamwork, and acquire strong team building experience.
Students learn how their decisions affect the overall ...

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