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Whose behavior has to change for the effort to succeed?
2. Who is likely to mobilize for or against what is intended?
3. Who does the decision affect the most?
4. Who is responsible for what is intended?
Note. From “Practice Pointers in Participatory Planning in World Bank Sourcebook (ch.3).”, Retrieved from

Once Stakeholders have been identified the company must recognize conflicting values and ethical dilemmas that result.
The Global Communications scenario represents three groups of stakeholders: Stockholders, management, and union employees. The hurried decision of management to re-organize corporate strategy and staffing failed to take into account one key stakeholder, that of the union workers. While both management and stockholders have a vested interest in company profitability, management failed to recognize the employees’ interest in job security. The lack of honesty and integrity on management’s part to violate a contract that was recently negotiated will have lasting impacts on trust and possible legal ramifications. Knicki and Kretner found, “Dominating is appropriate when an unpopular solution must be implemented," (2004 p.57). While dominating can be necessary in the short-term, in order to move forward with its vision and end state goals the company will need to resolve the union conflict. Moving towards its long-term goals Global will have to improve on re-building employee trust and effective communication. Effective communication is vital to all organizations because it coordinates employees, fulfills employee needs, supports knowledge management, and improves decision making. (Glinow & McShane, 2004). The poor communication between management and union employees has led to internal rumors and created conflict. Glinow and McShane wrote “The grapevine can be a source of inaccurate rumors, it functions positively as an early warning signal for organiza View More »

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