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But does your website actually get your message to cross cultures? Are you actually communicating with people from afar?
Hold off a moment with your website translations.
Do you really know what you are getting yourself into? Before deciding to develop your company abroad, here are 5 success elements to things to consider.
Target '' online companies need to set up localized websites to target each specific culture. You will need to have one website for each country you are targeting. This is the only way your message can be effective.
Flexibility '' once you get feedback from your targeted website, you must be prepared to change your approach if necessary. Flexibility is critical throughout all of your business processes.
Awareness '' As you target your foreign market, adjust your communication and business practices as needed, you will become more aware of your foreign market. Once you acquire this awareness of your foreign market you will be able to evaluate other business opportunities specific to each country.
Readiness '' When you spot opportunities in a specific cultural market, you need to be ready. You will need to communicate with your prospects in a way they understand. You might need local staff or business partners.
Do you know how things are done in your target market? Even if you think you have all of the answers, there are often adjustments to be made. You must be ready to adapt to situations.
Reactivity '' Once you have an international presence, the rate of your success will depend on your reactivity. Countries are different. Cultures are different. Markets are different. And this means there are different opportunities for your products and services. Reactivity to these opportunities can make your international business a success.
If you are prepared to embrace these 5 elements of a successful international development, you are ready to start the adventure of opening your company internationally. View More »

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