Humanyze And How Employers Take Your Privacy For Granted

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It would be pretty scary if someone kept track of our daily life. Our habits, interactions, secrets, and anything in between would be known by this person. He or she may even know more about us then we know about ourselves. With the advent of new technology, employers have seemingly gained this ability of surveillance. Current and prospective employees are screened through public social media. Some workplaces use devices that keep track of location, speed, and even tone of voice. While some of these developments are worrying, they are actually beneficial to use as long as employees’ privacy is not breached. As these new technologies create a policy vacuum, unrestricted use of them should not be allowed. However, if they are used... View More »

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Employees don’t feel violated by the surveillance, and companies are able to create a better environment for workers as seen in Cowan’s Bank of America example. As long employees give consent, a violation of appropriateness does not occur. Distribution, on the other hand, has issues when the data is released. There is an issue of the collected data being mined. Data of certain employees can be pattern matched to show where they worked before if a previous workplace uses the same technology. If the data wasn’t anonymous, anonymity can be broken as well. Due to this, employers should tell employees that this can occur when giving consent. As long as this is followed, there isn’t as much of a violation of distribution. Releasing data to the public creates more issues than simply gathering it in the office, and employees should be wary of that. On the flip side, having this data be public allows other companies get a head start on how to organize office space. If everyone agrees to only use this data to improve workplaces, I would advocate for every company to release their data. However, this isn’t possible. In the end, as long as employees give consent and know the implications, monitoring them creates a better workplace for everyone.
Being watched at every minute of the day is still creepy. Being watched only during work hours after giving consent, not so much. Especially so if someone knows every detail of the surveillance. This data is extremely beneficial to a company, and the more employees that agree to data collection the better it is for employers and employees. ...

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