Implementation Plan For Friar Tucker Galleria Project

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The purpose of this paper is to present an implementation strategy for Friar Tucker, International’s Galleria project. The Galleria project has the potential increase profits after the initial investment of $5 million dollars. Also, the project fits well within Friar Tucker International's strategic plan. The most important parts of this strategy is to make sure that we operate within the budget and to make sure that we are in position to make money at the end of the projected 5 year period.

Friar Tucker's Strategy

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Friar Tucker’s vision is to be among the top ten hospitality service providers in the family entertainment business, based on their superior service levels and innovative marketing (Apollo Group, 2003). FTI also has a secondary vision to attract more visitors and customers through their food and entertainment establishments and to ensure an enjoyable family experience. This vision sparked the current 35 managed establishments however; the vision was not the inspiration behind the Galleria.

The motivation behind the Galleria comes from FTI’s key focus areas over the next three years. FTI wants to establish their presence in the entertainment hospitality segment, consolidate their presence in the cuisine business by expanding into specialty cuisine establishments, and to expand into the corporate entertainment segment. The Galleria project fits into these key focus areas while strengthening the corporate primary and secondary visions.

The Galleria project strategically aligns itself with the core values, visions and focus areas that FTI has developed. The Galleria is a proposed entertainment center that houses a multiple screen theater, indoor gaming, restaurant, two bistro cafes and a shopping mall that offers several thousand square feet of retail space. This enterprise is expected to attract a variety of customers considering it is designed to be a complete entertainment center. Since the Galleria is a new project, it is expected to build new core competencies that will allow FTI to achieve their vision of becoming one of the top ten hospitality ...

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