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As a team we can devise a plan in which, I take up an initiative to do all the presentations pertaining to our team using a mentorship from the teammate who is good at presentation skills. The Plan can also include me providing my guidance and sharing my leadership skills with a team member whose goal is to develop leadership skills. A plan like this will not only result in optimum utilization of resources and their essential skills but will also result in guaranteed boost in every one’s self improvement.
If we focus on the “Team skills Inventory” section from our team charter and use individual’s special skills and abide by what are agreed upon rules within the “Ground Rules” section from our team charter it will automatically enhance team performance . For example, consider a scenario when everyone on my team is on a time crunch to meet a deadline for a certain deliverable. By delegating work based on each individual’s expertise, reviewing each other’s work and delivering a high quality work will not only result in achieving our team goal of earning an A grade but also encourage everyone on the team to strive for perfection.
Thus developing a team charter by writing goals and objectives using the SMART framework (SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound), clear directions, agreements and rules along with a wholehearted commitment from everyone will lead to a success of a project. Thus team charter can play a vital role for any project undertaking. View More »

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