Is Renewable Energy A Viable Alternative For Established Energy Resources

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Most of the energy we use today comes from fossil fuels. Coal, oil, and natural gas are all fossil fuels created several millions of years ago by the decay of plants and animals. These fuels lie buried between layers of earth and rock. While fossil fuels are still being created today by underground heat and pressure, they are being consumed much more rapidly than they are created. Therefore, sometimes in the future we will run out of them. For this reason, fossil fuels are considered as non-renewable meaning that they are not replaced as soon as we use them. Moreover burning fossil fuels leads to pollution and many environmental impacts. Because our world depends so much on energy, we need to use sources of energy... View More »

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To ensure system reliability, the system operator has to reckon with the non-availability of wind/solar power during parts of the day or the week and possibly during hours of maximum demand. As a consequence, for each wind/solar generator that is installed, only a small part of capacity can be considered to be available capacity. (Hoogwijk 2004 pp.193-195) A related cost impact with increasing use of intermittent sources is that part of the power may be generated at times when the system cannot use it due to the demand capacity, the strategy of power supply used in the system, or limited transmission capability.

In addition, most of the renewable resources, just like conventional ones, are unevenly distributed. Not every part of the earth has sufficient sunlight or wind to generate its local energy demand. Furthermore, mainstream renewable energies (solar and wind) require significant amount of land and materials when they are applied. Therefore countries with less available sites for renewable resources face difficulties to replace conventional energy sources with renewable ones. One article from the Carnegie Institution for Science (2008) indicates that the number one disadvantages of biomass energy is the massive amounts of land and water needed to grow enough plants to provide the energy required by the growing global population without impinging food/water security and the natural ecosystems. Similarly, windmill's capacity is mainly a function of its location, and a key question therefore becomes how many good sites are there and what will capacity fall to if ...

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