Jamba Juice Swot And C’s Analysis

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Jamba Juice is widely known as the market leader in the smoothie industry, yet not many realize what is going on in behind the scenes. Jamba Juice has reached a point where its leaders are faced with tough decisions due to its financial instability. In making these decisions a SWOT analysis can prove to be extremely helpful.

Jamba Juice’s main strength is its strong brand that is widely known in the smoothie industry. They are the market leaders, and have stores all over the United States serving customers that trust and are loyal to the brand. Due to its high customer loyalty, brand recognition, and dedication to healthy products, Jamba Juice is able to charge a premium on its products enabling them to enjoy a... View More »

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Costs are a particular pain point for Jamba Juice as it copes with over expansion and operational excellence. Due to poor planning the company has had to pay spot prices for raw materials decreasing their profit margin. They have many loyal customers, but the company needs to work on expanding their customer base in the healthy foods category. Jamba Juice is also faced with the problem of high competition both from businesses that offer smoothies as their main product and other companies such as Starbucks and McDonalds. They do however, have the competitive advantage in consumer-packaged goods because they are able to distribute via Wholefoods, a reliable channel member. Overall, however, the main sticking point for Jamba Juice is its strong brand and the customer recognition and the loyalty that comes with it. If the company is able to capitalize on this, they will be able to continue charging premium prices and open more stores successfully. The C’s analysis comprehensively tells us all of this information as long as we are not limiting ourselves to a certain set of three or four C’s. In the case of Jamba Juice it is good to go further and use seven or eight C’s.

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