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Some marketing options include advertising with newspapers, a local radio station or television advertisement. By placing a weekly ad in a local newspaper, KFF will become a known brand for fine gourmet in the Del Mar area. Since the advertisement will be in a local paper, it pinpoints the target market and reduces costs. Kathy should advertise on the radio her free cheese samples and wine meetings. Consumers usually listen to the radio on their way to and from work. If Kudler advertises during peak hours, this may drive consumers to stop by and visit a KFF location. Once the consumers are in the store is an opportunity to present the other fine foods Kudler offers. If the cheese, dairy, and wine areas are in the front of the store, Kathy should consider placing it near the back. The purpose of this is to compel consumers to walk around the KFF store to see what is offered before arriving at the cheese and wine area. Another way to market Kudler is through television. Kudler can use a similar method as the radio advertisements and have a local advertisement on television. A local advertiser with a good immediate response offer should be able to get a commercial produced for around $500 (Television Advertising). Since Kudler is selling locally, expensive commercials will work against them, by making your service look too expensive. By using a local advertiser, the intended message will only be seen by consumers in that particular demographic area. Costs will be minimal since advertising in local newspapers, radio and television will be done locally.
In conclusion, Kudler Fine Foods is a fine gourmet store with locations in has three locations in La Jolla, Del Mar and Encinitas. Because the Del Mar location has the lowest population of the three, it is not doing as well as the other locations. It was also noted that the Del M View More »

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