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2.) I believe that this is the best idea because if she were to be able to devote time to each manager for a period of time then her comfort level with each of them could be increased and she would not feel that she could take a day off here and there.
3.) This alternative feels like a last resort. This is only an option if she really feels that she cannot find anyone that she trusts to run things in her absence.
Identify and Assess Risks: The biggest risk in all of this is that Kathy is taking on all of the responsibility all on her own. If something were to happen to Kathy the company could be in great danger. She holds all of the information and contacts with vendors.
Make the Decision: In my opinion option number two is the best choice for the company. That option involves Kathy devoting time to each store location and manager. She will spend time with each manager and teach them the ropes and the duties that she performs to the extent that if there comes a day when she cannot make it to the store things will still continue to run smoothly.
Develop and Implement the Solution: Kathy will pick a day or two each week to spend with each location and evaluate each manager and what duties they already are able to perform and then spend time with each of them to go over the duties that she performs that they are not aware of. This will give each manager the confidence they need to run things on their own, and it will also give Kathy the confidence in her managers that she needs in order to take a step back and have some time off.
Evaluate the Results: If this process is carried out successfully and as it should Kathy should begin to feel more comfortable stepping away from the business and be able to concentrate more on opening new locations and having time of her own. The managers at the stores will earn her confidence and she will learn to trust them and not feel t View More »

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