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Working together effectively for attainment of a common goal is the manifest aspect of teamwork and in this paper, we will attempt to explore the various facets of effective team work which makes or breaks an organization. We will reflect upon individual concepts of team dynamics using the case of Levi Strauss and Company and their experience with self-managed teams. Levis Strauss & Co. is the largest maker of brand-name clothing in the world.
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In 1992, Levis Strauss and Co. underwent a major organizational restructuring in an effort to reduce their operating costs and increase productivity. They changed their employee compensation structure from a piece-rate system to a self-managed... View More »

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Top performers held the less skilled and slower teammates responsible for the decrease in their salary and responded by reducing their own productivity. This resulted in deterioration of employee morale. Moreover slower team members were continuously harassed and infuriated, leading to physical fights and even life threats. There were several other behavioral norms which emerged in the self-managed teams of Levi’s. The first emerged norm was that whenever a group member was absent or slow, the rest of the team had to make up for it. This norm led to increased infighting among team members and excessive peer pressure. Secondly, in the absence of adequate supervision, each of the team members assumed the role of monitoring others work. This resulted in undesirable working conditions such as chasing members even in bathrooms and nurse’s rooms. Finally, the group assumed the authority to criticize, needle and resent the slower workers, forcing few workers, who can’t withstand, to quit. As a result of emerged norms, the group also gained the power of voting off members from the teams.
It has been reported that team norms have a considerable impact on team performance.For example, it is possible that some teams responded to conflict by developing norms that facilitated conflict resolution or avoided conflict altogether, and thus were successful in their self-management.
Role Dynamics
Organizational Factor: The introduction of self-managing team in the organization has changed the monotonous work nature to autonomous one, wherein the workers were expected to do different ...

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