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Philips brings to light that once you lose the confidence of others you can never regain their trust. Bruce Avolio (2005) in his book Leadership Development in the Balance backs this principal by the statement, “There is no doubt that the bar has shifted upward in terms of what is required of leaders to build trust, as well as the impact their mistake has on our trust in them” (pg. 124). Both writers are calling our attention to the fact that we need leaders of integrity in their public leadership as well as their private lives. This life of integrity inspires trust, honesty, and loyalty in those that follow this type of leader.
The third key section of leadership is in endeavor. A principal of praise and sharing the brunt of responsibilities from mistakes with followers has been discuss several times in other books as well as my current Ethical Leadership Class. Phillips (pg. 103) points out this principal with, “When a subordinate did a good job, Lincoln praised, complimented, and rewarded the individual. On the other hand, he shouldered responsibility when mistakes were made.” This aspect of praising and shouldering responsibility causes followers to take risks and to be innovating in their approach to the corporate mission and vision. This inspires people around the leader to learn and grow and maybe have the confidence to be a change agent not just a yes person.
The fourth key aspect is communication. This part of Phillips book was packed with great principals. There were two principals that I would really like to incorporate into my leadership in ministry. The first principal is to motivate through effective communication. Phillips (pg. 160) describes this principal as not just important to Lincoln but to all leaders with, “Every leader must realize that the power to motivate followers resides almost solely in the ability to communicate effectively.” This is such a simple statement View More »

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