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Marketing is the process by which companies create value for customers and build strong relationships in order to capture value from customers in return (Kotler, Armstrong, 2008). One of the products that are exchanged through marketing is cigarettes. Tobacco is considered an inherently unethical product because is addictive, dangerous and causes environmental damage. Tobacco is also considered a pleasing product because its immediate satisfaction is high but sometimes has harmful effects in the long run.

One of the long run effects of smoking is that four million people are killed every year and is estimated that the figure will rise to ten million by 2030 if current trends remain unchanged. (Yach, Brinchmann, Bellet,... View More »

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Much legislation has been imposed to tobacco firms based on codes of behavior, different government strategies and litigations, especially after 1980 when anti-smoking groups reactions, led to higher restrictions throughout Europe. The prevalence of these codes increase as governments, industry and professional associations and special interest groups call for the establishment of corporate codes of ethics, and especially in the public sector where employees take ethical aspects more seriously than employees in the private sector (such as employees in the tobacco industry). Furthermore, ethical employees are described as young, low income, inexperienced, with low level of responsibility and people with high personal values. In addition, the actual enforcement of codes of ethics can cultivate to employees, loyalty and fear of discipline.

However, the general impact of the codes on the behavior of the management is still not clearly explained and so attention should shift to the persons whose behavior should be according to these codes. The codes can become clearer by organizing special seminars for managers. Moreover, other basic parts for the formation of legislations are government strategies and litigations, mentioned above. Much legislation concerning the practices of Tobacco industry has been imposed and the main ones are mentioned below.

In 1964, the Cigarette Advertiser’s Code prohibited models of cigarette advertisements to be less than 25 years old or look younger. In the 101st Congress the banning of tobacco products in films, the ...

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