Mba 520 Managing Across The Organization

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Managing Across the Organization
Chan Ahn
University Of Phoenix

Good Sport was founded by former National Basketball Association (NBA) basketball player Jason Poole, 15 years ago in Coral Springs, Florida. Good Sport is in the business of manufacturing of fitness equipment such as treadmills, bikes, steppers, and rowing machines. Good Sport has been able to increase their market share by being innovative and using the latest in technology. They have expanded the business by improving the performance of sales, production and research and development (R&D). Fitness manufacturing has to consider the... View More »

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Looking at Good Sports organizational structure there could also indication of Span and Control structure (Kreitner-Kinicki 2003). Going through the simulation there were instances of different levels of hierarchy in place at Good Sport. The simulation did not indicate anything below the team manager’s level, but from CEO down to team managers indicates that management has in place some loose form of hierarchy (Kreitner-Kinicki 2003) system to monitor their subordinates.
There are many different types of organizational charts within a company and at Good Sport there are no different from other companies. Good Sport organization chart uses mixture of several types of departmentalization from simple, functional, divisional, matrix and team based. There a very few companies that fit into a rigid departmentalization structure categories. Most companies use some form of a hybrid for their departmentalization structure. In this way the work team or the different department can adapt and adjust the changes within the organization.
Good Sport dominant culture seems to be speed (Kreitner-Kinicki 2003) in getting the latest fitness equipment to the market before their competitors. Good Sport like any other manufacture of fitness equipment needs to consider the latest trend in the fitness industry. In this type of environment a manager plays a crucial role in initiating new ideas and implementing the plan. The time is of the essence in the fitness industry to get the product to the market soon as possible to ride the popularity trend. The simulation indicates that to get ...

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