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A-Z Wireless is desperate for a new strategic plan that can retain and attract consumers unsure economy and produce positive profits in years to come.

A-Z Wireless current mission statement suggests that the company distributes most brands of cellular phones and accessories, catering nationwide to wholesalers and other distributors, with primary sales concentration in Los Angeles, Miami, and New York (A-Z Wireless, 2009. “The company focuses on serving the needs of the smaller dealers in their respective markets, with additional attention given to small store accounts/agents,” (A-Z Wireless, 2009. Although, the mission statement may reveal the core business concept of A-Z Wireless, the mission statement is very outdated and is not a true reflection of what the company is today.

The mission statement fails to inform consumers that the company is a global industry player and that a second division of the company was launched as an authorized AT&T retailer to expand service options and create additional customer value. Furthermore, the mission statement lacks A-Z Wireless technology capabilities and social responsibility. A more improved mission statement would be: A-Z Wireless is a global distributor of state of the art wireless products that cater towards providing unique needs to both large and small wholesale and resellers within their respective markets. The company strives to align itself with high profile business partners that allow A-Z Wireless the ability to offer its consumers advance technology and innovative wireless solutions. Through the employment of customer oriented and industry knowledge experts, A-Z Wireless will remain a profitable institution known for providing superior service, high quality and environmentally safe products. Pearce & Robinson (2004) believes that a company’s mission statement should reflect its unique pu View More »

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